Facebook Apologises For Safety Check Glitch After Lahore Blast

Facebook apologised to users on the other side of the world from Sunday's suicide bombing in Lahore who received computer-addressed notices asking whether they were safe.

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Social Media News: Facebook users as far away as Virginia and New York showed notifications they received on social media site Twitter.

"Tragically, numerous people not affected by the crisis received a notification asking if they were alright," Facebook said in a post on its site. "This kind of bug is counter to the product's intent... We apologise to anybody who erroneously got the notification."

Some of the notices went out as text messages to mobile phones and asked, "Are you affected by the blast?" without giving any sign of where, or how close, the recipients were to danger.

More common notices showed on mobile devices and computer screens said the blast was in Lahore.

The blast by a suicide bomber at a park killed, at least, sixty nine (69) individuals, mostly children and women.

The flawed notices were the most recent stumble in Facebook's developing "Safety Check" practice of prompting users to rapidly let their friends know they are alright after being in the vicinity of a disaster.

In November, hours after blasts in Nigeria, Facebook activated Safety Check after criticism that it was being particular about deploying it. A couple of days before those blasts, Facebook had utilized it after bomb and gun attacks in Paris but not after suicide bombings in Beirut. Facebook already had utilized the feature after natural disasters, but not bombings or assaults.

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Romania For Improving Economic Ties With Pakistan

Exchange of trade delegations and participation in exhibitions will bring closer the private sectors of Romania and Pakistan, which will improve bilateral trade and economic relations.

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This was stated by Khalid Tawab, Sr Vice President FPCCI.

He stressed the requirements for strengthening trade and economic relations between Romania and Pakistan and said that both countries have prospects in different sectors incorporating industries, information technology, agriculture, housing, construction, engineering and energy.

He made these remarks during a meeting with Ambassador of Romania Emilian Ion, who visited FPCCI alongside Tariq Saud, Honorary Consul General of Romania in Pakistan.

Tawab said that exchange of delegations is an imperative tool in improving trade.

He underscored on reactivation of exhibition activities of Pakistan in Romania and said that FPCCI will plan to organize Pakistan structure in the next Bucharest International Fair.

Ambassador of Romania said that Romania is the 7th biggest member of European Union.

He expressed Romania’s wish of working together with the Pakistani partners in each sector of the economy and culture also at all levels, in order to promote and consolidate the bilateral cooperation in the cultural, economic/trade, political and other fields.

The Romanian Ambassador additionally said that Pakistan is considered tourist destination.

He urged the business community to evolve an effective and sector-particularly strategy in collaboration with Romanian businessmen for expanding the volume of two-way trade.

Both sides decided to activate Joint Business Council of Romania and Pakistan.

Khalid Tawab further said that current volume of trade of $193 million doesn't reflect current potential between the two countries.

Pakistan’s major exports to Romania are cotton, worn clothing, textile articles, articles of leather, raw hides and skin, man-made staple fibre, travel goods, grain, oil seed, fruits, footwear, fruits and seed, etc.

Pakistan’s major imports from Romania are wood and articles of wood, oils and articles of iron or steel besides machinery, mineral fuels, electrical products, pharmaceutical products, wood charcoal, organic chemicals, articles of rubber and furniture etc, he included.

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Researchers have narrowed their search to one carrier.

Zika Fever Symptoms

Zika is not the worst thing you could catch as an adult. Zika sufferers have a fever, a rash, maybe red eyes, some pain. It is only a pain in the ass, deadly bird flu, not some kind killer. But if a pregnant woman catches Zika, it is an entirely diverse ball game - Zika Fever Symptoms.

In South America newborn children of Zika-infected moms have suffered a variety of sometimes horrifying birth defects, including microcephaly—extremely diminished skull size and brain capacity. So normally scientists have been hard at work attempting to unravel how Zika made into the Americas in the first place - Zika Fever Treatment.

Turns out it was one lone Zika-infected idiot who traveled to Brazil in 2013, probably from a Pacific Island nation, who may have begun it all. That is one of the findings from researchers who published the expressively titled "Zika virus in the Americas: Early epidemiological and genetic discoveries" in Science this week. New York Magazine helped break down the Thick scientific narrative:

This study, dissimilar to the others that study just people's travel patterns, concentrates on the virus itself. Researchers were able to locate similarities among 23 viral genomes from Thailand, Colombia, Haiti, French Polynesia, Martinique, Suriname, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, and the Americas. Then, by creating a "molecular clock" that tracks the pace of mutations in blood samples from the past 3 years, they could work their way back to establish a date for its arrival.

Some have already censured the study, certainly questioning its accuracy by recommending it utilized far too small a sample to derive its outcomes - Zika Virus Symptoms. But, as New York noted, there are likewise statistics that back up the idea Zika was finally imported into the "New World" in 2013—such as the 50% jump in travelers heading to Brazil from French Polynesia at the time.

However Zika(Zika Fever) got here, it looks like it is not going anyplace, and since it is spring in the northern hemisphere, it looks like the still random number of cases of the virus found in the US are probable to rise.

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Fahad Mustafa Channels Mir Taqi Mir, Iman Ali Makes A Comeback In This New Film

Long in production, Anjum Shehzad's Mah-e-Mir is at least set to release in cinemas on 6 May.

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The producers released an official trailer which mixes scenes from the initial teaser with new visuals and more of Sarmad Sehbai's lovely dialogue.

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Mah-e-Mir dances between the present and the past, as Fahad Mustafa stars as a writer struggling to grasp the mystique of the writer Mir Taqi Mir and then takes on the guise of the artist himself when the film travels back to the Mughal epoch. Iman Ali stars as Mir's object of yearning and her character is said to have a metaphorical importance in the film.

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"I would prefer not to give away an excess but Mah-e-Mir is a film with a lot of subtexts. It's a film about thoughts. And Obviously, about Mir Taqi Mir too," shared the director Anjum Shehzad with Images.

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"The film was shot for the most part in Karachi and we utilized detailed sets for a lot of the scenes," he included.

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"The cast and crew are exceptional excited that the film is finally going to be released. It's now close to what we want it to look like," Anjum said, referring to the deferred release of the film, which was prior slated for a November 2015 release.

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CCP Okays Mobilink-Warid Proposed Merger

The Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) has affirmed the proposed merger of Warid and Mobilink.


The merger approval is conditional upon compliance with the remedies force by CCP. The bench listening to the matter comprised of Vadiyya Khalil, CCP Chairperson, Dr Shahzad Ansar, Member Office of Fair Trade & Advocacy, and Ikram Ul Haque Qureshi, Member Cartels & Trade Abuse and Legal.

In its point by point order, the Commission has attempted a comprehensive competitive analysis of the merger to determine if it substantially lessens competition by creating or strengthening a dominant position. The assessment has been undertaken on the basis of extensive consultation with the merger parties, competitors, and the PTA.

While conducting its evaluation, the Commission noticed that the merger raised competition concerns, which were lightened by countervailing elements and efficiencies. The Commission identified a couple of insisting concerns in areas of spectrum concentration, non-compete obligations, infrastructure sharing, and joint control for which conditions have been forced.

In connection with the spectrum concentration, the Commission has made spectrum sharing mandatory upon determination of underutilized/inefficiently capacity by PTA. With respect to infrastructure sharing, the Commission has directed the parties to provide guest operators on their cell sites the first choice to purchase the site, directly or through an auction if there is more than one guest operator. To facilitate entry in the future, the Commission has forced an obligation to provide wholesale access to potential Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs).

To address the worry regarding the non-compete agreement, the term and extent of the non-compete responsibility have been limited. A firewall has been made between Mobilink and Abu Dhabi Group’s other businesses in the telecom industry. The remedies forced on VimpelCom and Telenor Group by virtue of the Commission’s order dated March 17, 2011, to address the problem of joint control have been further strengthened through the appointment of a 3rd party reviewer who will report an independent assessment of compliance with the Commission. 

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