Nokia Lumia 630 And Lumia 635

IT Pakistan: - At a regional conference in Dubai, Devices Microsoft announced the availability of its first Lumia devices running Windows Phone 8.1 in the Middle East, the Middle East and North Africa.
Importance Of Information Technology in Pakistan, IT Pakistan.

Nokia Lumia 630, available in both Dual and Single SIM variant SIM and Nokia Lumia 635 with support for 4G, the first Lumia devices running Windows Phone 8.1 available in the regi0n.

These Lumia devices provide unmatched affordable Smartphone experience and add-winning design and experience can be found on high-end Lumia front personalization filed Windows Phone 1.8.
With Windows Phone 8.1, people still get the splash screen, which can make their own Live Tiles that provide updates at @ glance, Office Mobile, Outlook Mobile, Windows Phone Hubs, and entertainment. In fact, they do everything they like about Windows Phone 8 and m0re, including tons of new features, enhancements and improvement&. With Windows Phone 8.1, the story continues with many new features-such as Action Center, Word Flow and the senses - which are more personal than those offered another platform (IT Pakistan).
"Dual SIM is a key element in many countries through0ut the Middle East, Africa, and we have seen great traction at our facilities throughout Dual SIM Asha and Nokia X series," said Majid Ifi, Head of Global Buy-In and Customer Engagement, Product marketing for Microsoft smart devices.
"We are thrilled to bring our Dual SIM portfolio of Windows Phone, the Lumia 630 Smartphone; this is a great all-round value problem with a signature design, superior imaging capabilities, great sound for music and video. And for those who want a bit of increased performance, Lumia 635 4G/LTE with the possibility of offering a great user experience. "

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