Microsoft Releases a Browser Just For Developers

The Internet Explorer Developer Channel will provide an early insight into the next version of Internet Explorer

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Developers can try new features of the next version of Internet Explorer with a test issue, Microsoft has released for their use.

The Internet Explorer Developer channel, which can be downloaded for Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 8.1, is independent copy of the user's IE, so that test programmers, the latest browser features without interrupting their current browser settings (Information Technology Latest News).

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The Internet Explorer Developer Channel is an early version of IE offer while it is still working on Microsoft programmers. Developers can functions for the next editions of the browser designed to help them to build better web applications and sites that use the new features only a preview.

Microsoft also hopes that the developer feedback, it may be better to implement the company's upcoming features.

The developer version provides a sandbox test environment, as it does not interfere with the user's IE browser profile. The browser will not run as fast as the standard edition of IE, and because it is a beta version, should not be used in production environments.

With the trial version Microsoft is the replication of the rapid development environments from other browser vendors used.

Mozilla provides nightly builds of the next version of the Firefox browser in development. Google also offers developer versions of its Chrome browser.

Microsoft plans to issue frequent updates to the test version of IE, it announces the DevChannel.Modern.IE developer resource site.

Microsoft browser also comes with the F12 developer tools, designed to help debug and optimization of websites and web applications.

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