The Income of The Sale of Spectrum Licenses Will be The Income of Federal Government

IT Pakistan: - The government has the process changes in tax laws through the Finance Bill introduced in 2014 to improve tax compliance.
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Official documents show that the government has from income tax the receipt of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) exempt income on the sale of spectrum licenses. The News reported.

A change is introduced to retroactively exempt the income of the PTA as 0f March 2014. "The revenue from the sale of the spectrum licenses, the income of the Federal Government and not of PTA are," reads the change.
Official spokesman of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), Shahid Hussain Asad, said the tax department has collected the advance tax of 10 percent from the auction of licenses 3G/4G. "We have already c0llected by the license holders Rs10.9 billion," he added.
By another change of FBR may appoint any officer in the office of the registered person to monitor the production of taxable goods and stock position.
The government h@d already introduced a section 40 (b) in the Sales Tax Act 1990, but the operation was suspended in the wake of the decisions of the Appellate authorities (IT Pakistan).
The appellate @uthorities have interpreted that the provisions of 40 (b) with those of § 40 of the VAT, which is mandatory to obtain a search warrant linked from the magistrate for the entry of any business house.
Through the Finance Bill 2014, explanatory provision was in section 40 (b) of the VAT Act 1990, that this section shall not be included independently in its operation and was associated with the section 40.
A change was introduced, that the auditor of the cost and performance auditors with 10 years of professional experience were eligible to be appointed as an accountant member of the Appellate Court of the Inland Revenue.
The Government is also developing computer system sales of tax returns in order to reduce the interaction between taxpayers and tax collectors, and also to minimize discretion to consider.
This e-control system is all kinds of necessary checks and analysis objective and will hint to issue electronic tax payers, so that they can correct their mistakes before the start of legal action by the Department.
The system will track response and action taken also of officer’s taxpayers. It is therefore proposed to introduce the legal provisions in the Sales Tax Act 1990 for such a computer system to improve efficiency and to prevent element of harassment to the taxpayers.

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