NIB Deploy Oracle Advanced Compression

Latest Information Technology in Pakistan: - NIB Bank deployed Oracle Advanced Compression reduce their Oracle database storage footprint, said Tuesday in a statement.
Latest Information Technology in Pakistan

By using Oracle Advanced Compression with Oracle Database, NIB Bank has reduced its data storage requirements by 41 percent, its basic size of the backup data by 5X and fast query performance critical banking system, said in a statement (Latest Information Technology in Pakistan).

The Bank uses the Oracle database with Oracle Advanced Compression improve the performance and scalability of its critical banking systems, while reducing cost and complexity, the statement said, adding that the bank upgrade your Oracle solution to ensure that it could maintain its expansion plans.
Upgrade their Oracle Database environment improved the bank's ability to protect it from costly human errors and reduce downtime associated with routine maintenance, said in a statement.
In addition, the use of self-management capabilities in Oracle Database, NIB Bank helped lower operating costs, the statement added.

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