6 Things To Taking Away From Chanel's Fall 2016 Fashion Week Show

The Chanel Fall 2016 collection appeared at Paris’s much-anticipated Fashion Week, and the runway show can simply be labeled as one of the most unforgettable shows we have seen over the course of Fashion Month. 

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Karl Lagerfeld, the innovative mind behind Chanel’s fashion shows, has already wowed us with a number of memorable runway settings, which incorporates a buzzing supermarket, energetic casino, and a busy airport terminal. This time, he staged the inside of the Grand Palais in Paris to look like that of an old-school couture runway show.

With pillars, mirrors, and gold accents adorning the room, visitors were welcome with what appeared to be a ballroom setting. The runway twisted around space in a maze-like manner, which ultimately provided a front row seat to each patron in participation. Chanel’s Fashion Week appearances never stop to amaze us, but for anybody who missed it, here are 6 things we gained from Chanel’s Fall 2016 Paris Fashion Week collection!

1. Prints are meant to be mixed
Chanel took a page out of Diane von Furstenberg’s book and mixed these challenging prints! Forget everything you have ever caught about prints  because, as indicated by Chanel, prints are intended to be mixed.

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2. You can never have too many accessories
Move over particular jewelry, these chunky accessory styles are coming in hot! The Chanel Fall 2016 collection was over-accessorized in an ideal way possible with a huge number of eye-catching parts combined together to make overpowering looks.


3. The bolder the color, the better
Who says you cannot wear a hot pink head-to-toe ensemble? Chanel affirms of it!

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4. A hat can also be a purse
A couple of the looks in the Chanel Fall 2016 collection were accessorized with funky bowler hats, however, it wasn’t the hat’s style that caught the public’s consideration! Rather, numerous were intrigued by the wristlet straps that hung down by the models’ ears so they could simply carry the hat if necessary.

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5. Gloves
This collection put a chic twist on an exemplary style: Biker gloves. Whether you are into this fingerless look or want to have an encased pair, Chanel demonstrated this style can be transformed into a high fashion look!

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6. Ankle laces are the latest and greatest shoe trend
Almost each look was accessorized with knee-high boots bound around the ankle! Although numerous models wore this style in all-black, some had denim and pink versions.


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